Setup and Support Details Pro Enterprise
Browser-based system (hosted by Amazon EC2) with no hardware or software to install. Included Included
In-house server option available. Included Included
Non-exclusive license to purchase software application   Included
Central Information Concepts: Robust Account Lookup links accounts to a single customer master Included Included
Unlimited Account Types: Interest Bearing or Pre-Compute; Indirect Sales Finance Contracts or Direct Consumer Loans; Standard, Odd First Payment, Interest Only and Balloon Payment amortization Included Included
Graphical User Interface is intuitive to use and easy to learn Included Included
Dashboard Widgets provide quick and easy access to information with multiple dashboard panes. Widgets include class-wide and branch-wide current and historical values.
Sample Widget
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Pre-configured system codes and templates to help get you started Included Included
Role-based access control makes user security management easy.
Included Included
Unlimited Users: Create and maintain as many user accounts as you need, with no additional fees Included Included
Unlimited Branches to handle multiple satellite offices. Included Included
Sandbox server for training and testing. Included Included
One-click access to online, electronic documentation and video tutorials Included Included
Live Technical Support via phone, e-mail or fax during normal business hours Included Included
Live 24/7 Technical Support   Included
Direct database access and web services   Included
Conglomerate support, with a separate database for each company.   Included
Account Servicing and Collections Features Pro Enterprise
Credit Reporting: Automated submission of credit reporting data to your chosen credit bureaus Included Included
Customizable fields for complete account tracking Included Included
E-mail address link for sending e-mails to customers Included Included
Insurance Tracking of customer-provided insurance policies provides notification of expired or soon-to-expire policies Included Included
Collections screens with quick access to Customer (Primary and Co-Borrower), Payment History, Collector Notes, Collateral, Insurance, Credit Reporting details, additional accounts, and more Included Included
Automatic Workflow and Task Queuing: Tasks automatically assigned to users or user groups based on customizable triggers Included Included
Enhanced Collections: Queue accounts automatically or use custom scoring metrics. Generate real-time work queues of delinquent accounts with integrated scheduled follow-up queuing. Included Included
Vehicle Valuation Integrated Services for Kelly Blue Book and Black Book Included Included
Repo Tracking: Tracks collateral through all stages of the repossession process, from the selection of repo agent(s) to the sale of collateral and collection of deficiency balance. Automatically generates and transmits repo documents. Included Included
Spireon (GoldStar) GPS integration: Quickly and effectively locates and tracks an asset. Real-time location details are provided, including a direct link to online maps. Included Included
Omega Professional API: Integrate borrower account status and electronic payments onto your website.
* An additional fee for bandwidth usage related to this feature will apply.
Optional Optional
Booking Features Pro Enterprise
Accepts New and Aged Accounts Included Included
Automatically calculates and tracks dealer discount, reserve, and withhold for indirect accounts Included Included
Dealer checks for new accounts can be printed immediately or in batches and at a later time. Included Included
Customizable Origination Fees and Dealer Advance Adjustment items can be attached to new accounts (in addition to discount, reserve and withhold). Included Included
Dealer Portal: Dealers can submit and review applications, view dealer specific reports, and send and receive secure electronic messages. Included Included
Bulk Account Import: Automatically import multiple accounts from a data file using a one step process.   Included
Enhanced Booking, Dealer, Collections and Accounting Features Pro Enterprise
Accounts Payable: Generate and track vendor payments made via check or electronic transfer Included Included
Bank Reconciliation: Tracks checks issued within Omega and accepts entries for outside transactions Included Included
Master Dealer Tracking: Evaluate multiple dealer locations as a single group when processing dealer payments and generating reports Included Included
Portfolio Tracking: View reports and Financial Statements by Portfolio to track related account groups Included Included
General Ledger Features Pro Enterprise
Fully integrated, real-time General Ledger updating Included Included
Financial Statements with Separate or Consolidated Statements for multiple branches Included Included
Yearend Closing can be delayed without interruption in processing. Multiple years retained. Included Included
Teller Features Pro Enterprise
Teller Drawer Report: Drill Down access to Cash, Check, and Vault Transfer totals Included Included
Customizable payment receipts, and deposit slips Included Included
Recast feature recalculates interest for check reversals, back-dated transactions, extensions, etc. Included Included
Teller screens for efficient payment processing, including ledger card details and payoff calculations. Included Included
Automated Custom Payment Sequences: Pre-configure the order in which interest and outstanding fees are applied during payment posting Included Included
Electronic Payments: Credit cards, EFT, PayNearMe, Western Union, and MoneyGram Included Included
Document and Report Options Pro Enterprise
Pre-designed electronic mail merge documents included, with ability to create custom documents using Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2 or higher Included Included
DocSafe: Secure online document storage system saves Omega-generated reports and documents securely for later use. Also allows you to import and save external documents. Included Included
Document Triggers: Automatic generation of digital documents based on customizable variables such as balance, account status, etc. Included Included
Generate Loan Documents, Payment Coupons, and Billing Statements Included Included
Generate reports formatted in MSWord, MS Excel, PDF, or as data files Included Included
Advanced Historical Reporting: Historical data points include “End of Previous Months,” “Same Day in Previous Months,” etc. Included Included
Job Stream: Pre-configure reports to run automatically or on demand Included Included
Report Builder: Create enhanced account lists and data files using customizable filters Included Included
Optional Features Pro Enterprise
Originations Module
  • Workflow Modes: Entry, Preselection, Decision, Verification, Final Review
  • Automatic Credit Report Review
  • Automatic letters of declination, approval letters, and welcome packages
  • Pre-determine your dealer reserve / withhold rates
  • Application tracking and dealer analysis tools keep you competitive in the financial services industry
Optional Included
Insurance Processing
  • Finance and track lender provided insurance policies.
  • Calculate premium and refunds.
  • Calculate commission and fee earnings.
  • Automatically update the general ledger with all insurance activity.
Optional Included
Database Download:
  • Provides a complete copy of your Omega database as of the previous date.
  • Microsoft SQL Server compatible database.
  • Generate custom reports and can be integrated into your existing data warehouse.
Optional Included
Included Feature included with this Omega edition Key Features List of Key Features
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