Omega covers account opening to closing and everything in between. Omega is a complete servicing system.
  • Track payment details, collection notes, fee assessments, insurance, and collateral values.
  • Generate billing statements and late notices.
  • Build your own customer portal on your website with our API option, and give your borrowers access to their account details.
  • In addition to the many standard reports, our Report Builder makes any report that you need possible.
Omega's Enhanced Collections system keeps your collections floor running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Customizable collector assignment features and scoring metrics prioritize your call queue, ensuring that collectors make the most important calls first.
  • Intuitive Collections View puts all of the pertinent details at your fingertips for quick assessment and accurate communications.
  • Collections Manager Dashboard provides a bird's-eye view of everything that's happening on the collections floor, so managers can offer assistance quickly.
Omega’s advanced reporting technology keeps the information you need at your fingertips.
  • Our new Database Download option exports a complete copy of your Omega database as a Microsoft SQL Server file. Your database can be integrated into your existing data warehouse and used to generate custom reports.
  • Report parameters are completely customizable and can be saved for later use, so you can run reports on a regular schedule or on demand.
  • Report output is available in a variety of formats, including XML and Microsoft Excel.
  • Advanced Historical Reporting features data points for “End of Previous Months,” “Same Day in Previous Months,” etc.
  • Report Builder creates enhanced account lists and data files using customizable data filters
Dealer Controls
Omega's Dealer Management features make sure that you get the deal.
  • Our state-of-the-art Dealer Portal accepts applications directly from dealers, tracks their status, and provides feedback — keeping them in the loop.
  • Our Dashboard Widgets and extensive dealer reports offer multiple methods of comparison, so you can focus on your most profitable dealers.
  • Calculate the dealer advance in one easy step, and track Discount, Reserve, and Withhold programs for each dealer.
Omega offers insurance solutions for your tracking and processing needs.
  • Our built-in Insurance Tracking system provides efficient tools for monitoring the status of customer-provided policies and will alert you when they expire, so you can take immediate action.
  • Our Insurance Processing option is a complete solution for companies that sell or finance insurance policies.
  • Our comprehensive array of insurance calculations and rate tables offers enhancements for maximizing insurance revenue.
  • The General Ledger automatically updates with all insurance earnings.
Omega has redesigned the recovery management system with a customizable workflow interface.
  • Track the entire repossession process, from ordering a repo to disposal of the collateral.
  • Set and order repossessions with multiple repo agencies, or only your preferred agency.
  • Track and manage requests, reports, forms, and inventory from a single screen.
  • Automatic document triggers ensure that you never miss a deadline for required notifications.
  • Configure your repo fees in advance to ensure compliance with your local regulations.
  • Cancelling a repo at any point in the process is simple.
Payment Posting
Omega provides efficient tools for processing customer payments.
  • Waterfall settings pre-configure the order in which interest and fees are applied.
  • Fully integrated Quick Pay option means your collectors can accept electronic payments right over the phone.
  • Automatic payment option allows your customers to make their payments each month with a no-hassle ACH or credit card transaction.
  • Omega includes quick access to ledger card details, teller drawer details, and teller drawer reports for balancing and closing.
  • Omega automatically updates customers' ledger cards and the General Ledger in real time.
  • Other teller transaction features include customizable receipts, hassle-free payment reversals, and payment back-dating.
Omega provides peace of mind when you decide to charge-off or write-off a delinquent account.
  • Omega provides efficient tools to track the process, including the calculation of the financial details, issuing documents, creating an audit trail of all the steps, and generating reports of these details.
  • Our one-step process minimizes errors and ensures accuracy in reporting.
  • Our security functions ensure that the business rules established by your managers are enforced at the user level.